The Roslyn Rifle and Revolver Club is a member of, or participates in, The Civilian Marksmanship Program, (formally the DCM), The National Rifle Association, The New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, The Greater Long Island Shooting Association. The Roslyn Rifle and Revolver Club supports many various events and organizations that promote firearms safety, education, and of course excellence in competition.

The Roslyn Rifle and Revolver Club is a private shooting club. We do regularly invite guests into our facilities to conduct training in the safe handling and use of firearms. We invite guests into our facilities during matches and many other special events. To become a member of The Roslyn Rifle and Revolver Club one must be sponsored by an active member in good standing. All prospective member candidates must submit a completed application and attend an interview by the board of directors for final consideration.
The Roslyn Rifle and Revolver Club maintains two locations. One Indoor range located in Westbury, New York, which has 10 points and is equipped to shoot 10 to 50 feet, Pistol (target loads no jacketed ammo) With turning target system, Smallbore Rifle including 3 position frames with backer system. The Range is Heated and Air Conditioned. The Range has Kitchen and meeting facilitates. The Range is open 24 hours a day for members use, except during special events and scheduled match and training sessions. Coaching is available during regular scheduled training periods by contacting the directors in charge of the discipline you are interested in. The Roslyn Rifle and Revolver Club also operates an outdoor range located in Calverton, New York (exit 71 LIE) The Calverton facility contains a meeting and club house which includes kitchen and bathroom facilities and storage areas. Located on the property is a 200 yard rifle range with 15 points, a paved and covered firing line. The rifle range has the capability of hosting 50, 100, and 200 yard shooting events and practice. The pistol range is a 50 yard range with a paved and covered firing line capable of various distance shooting via movable target frames from 10 feet to 50 yards. The Trap and Skeet range has two clay bird launch machines and tower, there is also an archery area set aside on the property with tree stand points and ground level points for bow shooting and practice.
The Roslyn Rifle and Revolver Club supports a very active and successful Junior Rifle Club. A very large percentage of our Junior members have gone on to college on Rifle Scholarships. A number of our member Juniors have gone on to Olympic level competitions. The club is very active in GLISA with 4 pistol teams and 1 rifle team. During the regular season we run an NRA National Pistol Sectional, an NRA National Rifle Sectional, a 3 position club league and an NRA State Rifle Sectional. During the summer at our Calverton facility we run an NRA National Rifle Regional, Various High Power and Smallbore Rifle Matches. We also run a large number of Black powder, Bench rest, and Pistol Matches. There are matches run with the Schutzen Single Shot Rifles,(as in the Coors Tournament) and Shotgun trap and skeet Tournaments.
The Roslyn Rifle and Revolver Clubs Rifle and Pistol teams travel to many different events outside the area, such as Camp Perry, the Empire State Games, plus State and Regional Championships. Although it is not a membership requirement participation in club events and competitions by members is highly recommended and encouraged. We offer coaching and training to all members who are interested in participating.
The Roslyn Rifle and Revolver club is dedicated to Safety and Shooting Excellence. Safety is first and foremost at The Roslyn Rifle and Revolver Club, we ensure all members adhere to strict range and firearms rules and procedures. All new members are indoctrinated in the safe use of our ranges. ANYONE not adhering to safety rules and regulations will be removed from the club. We strive to achieve shooting excellence by training, practice, and mutual support of other members. Coaching is always available to anyone who has an interest.
If your interested in shooting great scores, then your interested in The Roslyn Rifle and Revolver Club.

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