The Roslyn Rifle and Revolver Club Site News File.

05-19-2002 - I have added a bunch of scores to the Competition area. Make sure you take a look at the plaque that Roslyn Rifle and Revolver's Gold team has won from New York State.

04-27-2002 - The Club Calendar has been updated with Awards night Flyer, The 800 Metric Prone Flyer, and the 3 Position Smallbore Rilfe Match Flyer.

04-03-2002 - I added some new links to the Links section. If you have any interesting smallbore related links that you would like to see added send me an e-mail.

04-03-2002 - I added an all new Photo's section with some great new pictures. Drop me an e-mail or leave a note in the Guest book and let me know what you think.

02-21-2002 - Added the Smallbore Match results for the State match

01-06-2002 - Updated the Smallbore Calendar file

12-12-2001 - I was finally able to add two photo pages. I've been busy with work and getting the Winter Smallbore Season off to a good start.

11-26-2001 - Add new button bar at bottom of index file for the Disclaimer, The Guest book, This page and the site map.

11-24-2001 - Created much of the content for the Smallbore Information File. Today I added the About Smallbore Rifle file. I added four documents on Prone position, Kneeling Position, Standing Position, and Mental and Physical training.

11-24-2001 - Revised the Contacts file and script. You can now pick the person you would like to send mail to from the contacts page

11-22-2001 - Fixed Guest Book Script, you are now able to view the guest book entries.

11-22-2001 - Added Guest book Script and created Guest book files.

11-22-2001 - Add the Club Calendar and the Links page.

11-21-2001 - Created About Smallbore Rifle main page graphics.

11-21-2001 - Created and edited java script for the Contact page.

11-20-2001 - Added button bars, and Created the About the Roslyn Rifle and Revolver club content.

11-16-2001 - Created Home page index, created directory structure and site layout.

11-15-2001 - Signed up with and opened the site.

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